Project Profile

AMD Testing & Assembly Facility, Suzhou

AMD Testing & Assembly Facility, Suzhou, PRC
Suzhou, mainland China
AMD (Suzhou) Ltd.
Keller & Gannon
Main Contractor
Gammon Construction (China) Ltd.
Classification of Premises
The development is a high technology factory for micro electronic within a 36,000m² site.
Scope of  Work
Supply and installation of HVAC, Electrical, Fire Service and Plumbing & Drainage services
  1. Electrical systems includes 4230KVA power transformers (1x2000KVA), 500KVA Generator Set, MV panels and LV switchboards, 4KV and 400V power distribution systems of lighting and small power.
  2. ELV systems include DDC control systems, Security Systems, Time Clock Systems and Data Cabling Networking.
  3. HVAC systems include 2 nos. of 6KV Chillers in total capacity of 1,200 Tons, a boiler plant with a steam boiler and a hot water boiler, cooling towers, AHUs, FCUs.
  4. Fire Protection systems include AFA systems and Fire Protection Installations.
  5. Plumbing and Drainage systems include domestic water system and industrial water supply system.
  6. Clean Rooms of 1,500㎡ (class 10,000) and 1,000㎡ (class 100,000) respectively, include an Air Shower, HEPA filters, lighting panels, HVAC system and process distribution pipeline systems for Clean-Dry-Air, RO/DI water, Process Vacuum, House Vacuum, Process Cooling and N2.
  7. Processing Systems includes RO/DI Industrial Water Plant, Chemical Waste Water Treatment Plant, Acid Scrubber Plant, Processing Vacuum Skid, House Vacuum Skid, Process Cooling Skid and 6KV Oil-free rotary-screw Air Compressors.