Project Profile

Suzhou AMD Plant

Suzhou AMD Testing & Enclosed Packaging Plant
No. 11 Design Institute of Electronic Industry Ministry
Main Contractor
Scope of  Work
Supply, installation, testing & commissioning of BMS System
Suzhou AMD Test & Enclosed Packaging Plant is a high-tech intelligent factory located in Suzhou Industrial District. The major production activity in the Plant is computer chips testing and enclosed packaging. The Plant has 2 floors with total floor area amounted 25,000m². The first floor is used for production whereas offices are located in second floor. The production layer includes initial production section (chip grounding chamber, chip drawing chamber, welding chamber) and post treatment sector (testing chamber, plating chamber, labeling chamber), packaging sector, finished product storage, analogy laboratory and computer room etc. The whole Plant demands high level of equipment automation and environmental control.
BMS System Size
800 BSM points
BMS System Description
The system comprises of 1 operator terminal, 8 nos. UNC196 and 6 nos. UNC132controllers for the control and monitoring of chiller plant, air handling units and ventilating systems, hot water (steam), plumbing and drainage, pure-water, waste water and gases treatment, fuel oil supply, air-compressing and vacuum systems. The BMS system provides sequencing control for the chiller plant and flow control for secondary pumps in an energy efficient way. The system is also responsible for the precise temperature, humidity, air flow and pressure control of the17 nos. Air Handling Units and 3 nos.Fresh Air Handling Unit. The fuel oil supply system and hot water (steam) supply from city heat network to boiler are also controlled by BMS system In addition, all the operation parameters and status of electrical and mechanical systems are monitored and logged by BMS system
BMS System
Satchwell BAS 2800+