Project Profile

Gates Unitta Power Transmission Plant, Suzhou

Gates Unitta Power Transmission Plant at Singapore Industrial Park, Suzhou
Suzhou, mainland China
Gates Unitta Power Transmission (Suzhou) Ltd.
Main Contractor
Lam Construction Co. Ltd.
Classification of Premises
The development is a new factory for production of power transmission belts with site area of around 48,000㎡ (allowed for future expansion).
Scope of  Work
ATAL is the design and build M&E contractor of the Phase I project of GFA 15,800㎡. Including HVAC, Electrical, Fire Services and Plumbing & drainage system.
  1. Electrical system includes 7000KVA power transformers, HV switchboard, LV switchboards, power distribution systems of lighting and small power.
  2. HVAC system including DX systems for office and mechanical ventilations for factory.
  3. Compressed air system of 2x200kw screw type air-cooled air compressors, air dryers and air filters.
  4. Steam systems for production processes of average consumption 12,000kg/hr. at 20bar working pressure, including 2 sets x 9000kg/hr. fire tube steam boilers, deaerators, softeners, steam distribution pipework and condensate return pipework.
  5. Chilled water system for production processes of 800TR total capacity comprising of 2x200TR and 1x400TR screw type water-cooled chillers, cooling towers, chilled water pumps, condensing water pumps and pipework.
  6. Tower water system for production processes of 200TR capacity, comprising of cooling tower, cooling water pumps and pipework.
  7. Fire protection system satisfying FM requirements, including AFA systems, fire sprinkler systems and hydrant systems.
  8. Plumbing and drainage systems for both domestic and industrial purposes.